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Designing Happier Businesses

In my research, I’ve uncovered eight pillars of happiness–confidence, authenticity, optimism, compassion, purpose, gratitude, control and curiosity. When we focus on addressing these individual pillars, we enable happiness in our world. 

Businesses exist to fulfill currently unmet needs. Whether the need is better-fitting shoes, access to clean water, driverless cars, or whatever–for it to be a viable business, it must be previously unmet. Addressing that need, or addressing it better, enables happiness.

The reality of business isn’t quite that simple, however. There is competition, regulation, supply chains, profit margins, and on and on and on. All of this creates an environment where the businesses that consistently, surprisingly and proactively focus on customer happiness are the businesses that succeed.

This short course will focus on ways you can use The Eight Pillars of Happiness to drive business success. Each pillar on its own has the potential to enable customer happiness. Working these into your business model will enable customer loyalty, advocacy and ultimately, business success.

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