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Let's talk happiness. 

Are you tired of the endless pursuit of happiness without ever really achieving it? Do you want to learn how to create sustainable happiness in your life and reap the benefits of better health, stronger relationships, and even increased wealth? Look no further.

I'm Jessica, The More Happy Coach and Founder of Project More Happy. My life's passion is sharing the science of happiness with others, equipping you with the tools you need to put it into action. The Eight Pillars of Happiness aren't just a concept - they're actionable practices that can transform your life.

Are you ready to take control of your happiness? Let's do this together. Join this community and start creating sustainable happiness for yourself and your world.

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1-Hour Coaching Conversation

Book a free 1-hour powerful coaching conversation now to start your journey to sustainable happiness. Let's chat!

The Happiness Hub

This happy space is where we will share our happiness findings in real time helping you turn the science of happiness into action. 

Your 5ish Minute Daily Happiness Workout

Like CrossFit for your brain, these short daily workouts will strengthen your happiness muscles and help you create a happier mindset.

The Happy Parent Program

Interested in 1:1 coaching support that will help you show up as a happier, more confident parent? This program's for you.

The Sustainable Happiness Course

Our masterclass on leveraging science to build a sustainable happiness practice that fits your personal pursuit of happiness.

The You Boost

The You Boost uses the science of happiness to help you develop a confidence practice that gives voice to the amazing power of your story.

The G.O.O.D. Morning Routine

The five-minute morning routine that will get you to a happier, more fulfilling day. And for only the cost of a good cup of coffee. 

Defining Success for Yourself

A FREE downloadable worksheet to help you define success on your terms. Because you'll only truly find success when you're chasing the right version. 

Designing Happier Businesses

Put The Eight Pillars of Happiness into action to enable happiness and increase customer loyalty, advocacy and ultimately, business success.

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