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Project More Happy

Ditch the pursuit and start living your happiness today.

Define happiness on your terms and show up with confidence and intention at home, work and in your relationships.

Happiness is the act of living an authentic life, rooted in purpose and full of compassion, that contributes to positive feelings about your overall well-being. 

Happiness leads to health, wealth and connection.

According to science happier people live longer, are healthier, have greater career success, make more money, are more productive, handle stress better, have stronger relationships and are more engaged citizens.


Happy people are reported to live 14% longer


Intentional activity determines 40% of your happiness


State of mind has 4x more impact on happiness than circumstances


Cortisol levels are 32% lower for people that are happy

Show up with confidence and intention every day.

It's time to define happiness on your terms.

Confidence Coaching

Gain confidence through reflection, practice and a celebration of who you are, what you want and what you have to offer the world.

Creativity Coaching

Learn new tools for harnessing the power of your amazing story to show up with a bold, refreshing voice no matter your audience.

Career Coaching

Gain insight into how your values and purpose are currently aligning with your energy output and where they might align better for you.


...waking up every morning filled with purpose and intention

...entering a room knowing who you are and what you have to offer 

...feeling empowered to say "no" when things don't align for you
...leaving work feeling passionate and productive 

 ...going to bed knowing you were true to yourself, your values and your dreams

Words of Transformation

Jaci S.

"Working with Jessica I was able to first acknowledge and then verbalize a list of all the value I bring to the table. Making this list showed me that how I show up for others is my gift, and one that I haven't been giving myself credit for. That, and learning about The Eight Pillars of Happiness were incredibly beneficial in our coaching relationship."

Chantal P.

"From my coaching experience with Jessica, I gained more confidence in my voice. She allowed me to realize that my unique background and experience has worth because we all live different lives. My story is different and can help others live better lives too. That switch in perspective helped me feel more comfortable speaking in public and sharing who I am."

Tara W.

"With Jessica I was able to have meaningful conversations to gain a better understanding of my criteria for a fulfilling career to pursue. She asked the tough questions and guided me in the direction of discovering for myself the answers I needed to move in the direction of a meaningful career. The ease of conversation was the most beneficial part of this partnership."

Getting Started

Book a 1:1 Conversation

Book a time to discuss your goals, the steps needed to take to bring them to life, and the ways I can best support you on your journey. 

Invest in Yourself

Prioritize your future vision. Your happiness is worth the investment of a coaching relationship that can get you to your goals.

Attend Sessions

Come to your sessions ready to work. Coaching is a partnership that requires we both show up fully and intentionally to each and every session. 

Practice Happiness

With your vision of happiness as your roadmap, you must follow through on the commitments you've made toward reaching your goals. 

Prioritize your happiness today.

You have everything you need to create sustainable, meaningful happiness in your life. Let's work together to make your vision of happiness a reality. 

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